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Hello, I would like to track Articulate 360, but before installing it, will it interfere with my Storyline 2.3.0 application, I don't see the track number on the page, but there is a "Storyline in the store"! I cant understand what this track number means, I downloaded the autoinstaller - nothing happens, and the application says Application is not installed before installation, what does it mean and how to fix it !?
hello astrosoft! As I understand you have Storylines 2.0.0? If so, disable the "Extract Files" slider during installation. Next, in the next window, add the Articulation.ini file to Drive Open. After that, click the "Next" button.
Hello! I installed the application and I can not see the track code. The application label shows the application download, but there is no track code. What to do?
Elena, hello. The phone has hotkeys that are used to manage files.
The history application does not turn on now something is happening, but before rebooting everything works. what to do
Apparently the problem is in the download of the application.
Hello. I installed the Story Online application with my friend, because he often travels abroad, but does not want to store his files there, so he needed an automatic update of the application on trips. But at the most crucial moment, he cannot open Tinder to enter, everything freezes. I tried to run it with the key, but there is no connection and nothing works. Tell me, please, what could be the problem.
Good evening. I have such a problem that the Mobile History application does not start, writes: "It is impossible to open an application that does not have the Story Hooks property" But I open the application with saving to the memory card, files from the profile are synchronized. Help advice.
Irina, read the description of the application, this property does not exist.
Help me please!When you start the application - Story Force An error page pops up, I quote: "have received a cancelled thank ...", etc., when you try to start the application, it closes, but the site shows - 1 min. 56 sec. etc. What is it?
Galya, try writing the Story Flow file to an SD card.
Tinder on startup gives CPU: 224, and shows on the map - 321 KB? what is this?
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